solutions through partnering.

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Flockhart Design believes that mutual respect and trust form the foundation for successful partnering. Partnering that is built from compatibility in business philosophy, design philosophy and personal chemistry. Flockhart Design offers its clients an opportunity to come together to create solutions that cut through today’s clutter with clear, guided concepts. Concepts that are not driven by mere surface attraction or a particular look.

Flockhart Design has formed an organizational structure which benefits not only the individuals of Flockhart Design, but mostly the clients with whom we work. The organization is based on strong, professional relationships that unite, depending upon the specific requirements of a project. We serve businesses best by helping them communicate their most important messages to their customers, employees, stockholders and the general public.

Our services encompass a full range of branding, communication, design, marketing, consulting and implementation functions. We realize that each piece of communication material has an effect on a company’s overall business objectives. With that in mind, we take a thoughtful, carefully considered approach: analyzing our client’s marketplace, environment, and existing materials; grasping the big picture; understanding the current goals and needs: creating communication processes that both serve the immediate purpose and enhance the company’s long-term vision.

Flockhart Design, Inc. offers solutions.

At Flockhart Design, we work to transform concepts into effective communications.

This transformation requires a discipline of continually re-evaluating our strategies to make sure that the concept, when translated into the world of marketing communications, encourages the viewer to find, understand and respond to the message.

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